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General Election 2024 - how many candidates are each party standing?

Posted 30 Jun 2024

I couldn’t find this published anywhere, so armed with the stats (crowd-sourced data, accessed 2024/06/10 at 22:26 UTC+1), here’s every party standing a double-digit number of candidates.

Party Candidates
Labour Party / Labour and Co-operative Party 631
Conservative and Unionist Party 630
Liberal Democrats 630
Reform UK 609
Green Party 574
Independent 459
Workers Party of Britain 152
Social Democratic Party 122
Scottish National Party (SNP) 57
Scottish Green Party 44
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 40
Patriots Alliance - English Democrats and UKIP / UKIP / English Democrats 35
Heritage Party 32
Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales 32
Yorkshire Party 27
Rejoin EU 26
Christian Peoples Alliance 22
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 22
Alba Party 19
Alliance - Alliance Party of Northern Ireland 18
SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party) 18
Ulster Unionist Party 17
Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P. 16
Party Of Women 16
Scottish Family Party 16
Communist Party of Britain 14
Sinn Féin 14
Traditional Unionist Voice - TUV 14
Climate Party 13
Socialist Labour Party 12
The Liberal Party 12
Green Party1 11
Aontú 10
Hampshire Independents 10

1 Northern Ireland

While double-checking my results, I then actually managed to find another table doing the same thing. Oh well.

Our two tables are slightly different because in theirs, regional parties have been combined differently, and the joint-candidates have been combined for Labour & Co-op only.